The company is very much aware of the necessity to employ on a permanent basis staff that holds a significant level of certification as required for work on London underground and the rail network.

  • D&D Rail Limited maintain an operative Training Matrix identifying the skills held. To support this overall aim there is a Company Operative Training Matrix, identifying skills held and timescales for re-accreditation of certificates, where appropriate. The tendering process for new contracts includes identification of any skills gaps and how these will be met including allocation of resources.
  • The company recognises the very special requirements necessary to service sites on Network Rail and London Underground especially those that are to be serviced during times outside of traffic hours.
  • To this end the Company maintains and operates a very substantial warehouse/store to ensure the efficient delivery of plant and materials to the work face.
  • In addition to 5 Lorries the company operate a fleet of 15 vans to eliminate delays due to the non delivery of material.

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