D & D Rail Limited are a registered waste carrier under the control of pollution (amendment) Act 1989.

D&D Rail Limited are committed to reducing waste created from their works as far as possible. This is put into practice in a number of ways.

  • When ordering materials for works to be carried out care will be taken to identify the quantities required for the works and to avoid over ordering, or ordering of extras as contingency.
  • Excess materials on site are returned to the warehouse for re-use at a later date wherever possible. Pallets used for deliveries are returned to the supplier when this facility is available. Those that are retained are used wherever possible for the storage of plant and materials within the warehouse so that destruction of pallets not required is a last resort.
  • Attempts to mend broken plant will be made prior to deciding on disposal.
  • Items or materials removed as part of works being carried out will be offered to the client for re-use. Where the client does not wish to take possession of the items and they are suitable for re-use on other works they will be returned to the warehouse for storage.
  • Where facilities for waste disposal are provided on site by the client/principle contractor waste will be placed into the appropriate containers as provided ensuring waste is segregated as required.
  • Waste from site is returned to our yard where we have separate skips for hardcore and other waste. These skips are collected by a licensed waste management company with facilities to sort and recycle waste thus reducing the amount of waste which is sent to landfill. Alternatively waste may be taken directly to, or collected by, a licensed waste management company which also has sorting and recycling facilities.
  • Waste transfer notes are maintained in all cases where waste is collected by a registered waste company. Copies of transfer notes are maintained for 3 years. When waste is delivered to a registered waste company a weighbridge ticket is retained.

For further details please click to see our registered waste carrier licence


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