D&D Rail Ltd undertakes construction activities including building works, demolition, refurbishment and minor civil engineering e.g. bases for trackside structures.

The Company also undertakes vegetation work that is incidental to its activities, more specialised tree felling etc. is sub-contracted. Work is primarily undertaken in the LUL environment for infrastructure companies and Principal Contractors.

The Company has undertaken work for Network Rail in the past and is looking to increase its Network Rail profile primarily in the South East of England including Anglia.

15-12-08 Qualified Supplier Certificate
15-12-08 Registered Supplier Certificate
28-09-09 Registered Supplier Certificate
28-09-09 Qualified Supplier Certificate
28-09-10 Registered Supplier Certificate

28-09-10 Qualified Supplier Certificate

28-09-11 Qualified Supplier Certificate
                                                                                   09-10-12 Qualified Supplier Certificate

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