Arnos Grove Sidings: – Cab Access Platforms

Project: Arnos Grove Sidings – Cab Access Platforms

Client: Tube Lines Limited

Works Value: £80,000

Drivers at Arnos Grove were only able to access trains from one end of the Sidings.  Our scope of works was to install 5 No additional CAB Access Platforms at the Buffer Stop End of the Sidings to provide driver access at both ends of Roads 25 -31.

All works were undertaken during Possessions of the Sidings.  The locations of the new CAB Access Platforms were set out to ensure that the required track clearances were met.  Following a CAT scan of all work areas we excavated the ground in the location of the concrete foundation bases for the platforms.  At the end of every shift excavations were covered over and/ or surrounded by netlon fencing to prevent access by others.

Timber formwork was then placed into the excavations and set at the correct line and level as shown on the construction drawings.  The excavated granular material was found to be of good quality and was used to grade low areas of the Sidings to reduce waste removal, as agreed by our client, TLL.  C40 concrete was mixed on site and poured into the timber formwork and the concrete was subsequently vibrated to expel excess air and trowelled to a finish.

During the concrete curing period we dug trenches for the installation of ducting for the lighting of the platforms.  Once the trenches were excavated to the required depth, ducting was bedded on sand prior to back filling.  All ducts were terminated at small concrete bases and had blue rope pulled through them to aid cable installation.

Once the concrete had cured we attended site to fix the actual CAB Access Platforms to the concrete bases.  All formwork was removed and the granular fill in the area was graded and tamped using a vibrating plate compactor.  The CAB Access Platforms were then assembled and placed on the concrete bases.  The distance from the gates and height above the running rail was checked again by a T002 at this stage.  We then drilled out holes in the concrete bases for the anchor fixings.  The CAB Access Platforms were then tightened down into their final positions using chemical anchors.

Prior to leaving site each CAB Access Platform was gauged by a T002 to ensure that the required track clearances were met.


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