Bank Station: – Escalator 6 & 7 Cable Protection Premises & Civils Work

Project: Bank Station – Escalator 6 & 7 Cable Protection, Premises & Civils Work

Client: London Underground Limited

Works Value: £150,000

D&D Rail Ltd were contracted for the Cable Protection, Premises & Civils works associated with the replacement of Escalators 6 & 7 at Bank Station.

Prior to the removal of the existing we were instructed to protect the cables running up the staircase below the escalators.  A combination of unistrut and dricon ply were utilised to construct a frame work at low level to protect the cables.  Where the cables moved from the staircase to the tunnel wall we adapted to the design to suit the site conditions as agreed with our client LULN.

Once the old escalators had been removed by others, we returned to site to commence our civils work.  The redundant concrete motor & cabinet bases were broken out and removed from the machine chamber.  We also removed a 1210mm section of the 520mm deep Upper Concourse floor slab to the width of the new escalators, due to the increased length.  This was achieved by a combination of core drilling and bursting and the use of concrete saws.

Once the section of slab had been removed we installed new steel columns and a beam to support the Upper Concourse floor slab at its new face.  We also installed the new steels down the incline and in the Lower Machine Chamber to support the new escalators.  The incline support steels were fixed to reinforced, cast insitu concrete pads and as with all structural elements these were installed to a very high tolerance.  The levels of new structural elements were checked for tolerance against the site drawings and the Engineering Working Points by our surveyors.

The Premises works were carried out on the completion of our civils works and once the new escalators had been installed.  These works included cleaning, painting the machine chamber walls and floors along with hazard lines and installing a new ships ladder and guards for entry to the UMC.

All works were carried out in accordance with the accelerated programme that was agreed with LUL.


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