Bounds Green, Kentish Town & Old Street Stations: – Provision of Welfare Facilities

Project: Bounds Green, Kentish Town & Old Street Stations – Provision of Welfare Facilities

Client: Tube Lines Limited

Works Value: £170,000

D&D Rail Ltd were given an order to supply welfare facilities for the Tube Lines L&E Team whilst they were carrying out the refurbishment of escalators at Bounds Green, Kentish Town & Old Street Stations.

We were required to supply a welfare cabin including lockers, a kitchen area and toilets with washing facilities at each location.  Due to the locations we supplied large bowsers and diesel generators to provide power and water at each site.  Security and cover from view was provided by solid hoarding panels which were erected around each site to provide a secure compound.  These facilities were provided in various locations as close to the station as possible and practical.

We liaised with the relevant local authority and obtained permission to site the facilities in the locations identified by Tube Lines.  Permits were completed and submitted following joint inspections.  The cabins and equipment were delivered to site out of hours on Hiab vehicles.  We completed method statements and arranged road closures where required.  The cabins, generators and bowsers where then positioned in the required locations using the Hiab.  Our site teams then erected the hoarding panels around the cabins and fixed lighting in place.

We returned to site the following shift to connect the water supplies/ effluent tank to the toilets and water to the main cabin.  We also run leads out to provide power to the cabins via the diesel generator.  All leads and pipework were insulated to protect them from the elements and cable tied in place to prevent trip hazards.  We then arranged for the filling of the water bowser and delivered the lockers site furniture for use by the refurbishment team.  The facilities were then handed over to the TLL teams for their use.

During the time that the facilities were in place we provided a cleaner for the cabins and disposed of general rubbish.  We also arranged for the refilling of the water bowser, emptying of the effluent tanks and refilling of the diesel generators as and when required.

At the end of the refurbishment works at each location we arranged for clearance of the site.  In a reverse of the setting up procedure we emptied the effluent tanks and bowser and disconnected the power and water supplies.  We emptied the cabins of lockers and furniture and disconnected the lights.  Following the arrangement of a road closure we dismantled the hoarding panels for the return to our warehouse.  The cabins, toilets, generator and water bowsers were then lifted out of the site by Hiab vehicles.  Each site was then cleaned and left in the condition prior to the setting up of site.

Finally, we arranged for an inspection of location by the local authority and the areas were successfully handed back.


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