Canning Town Station: – Removal of Platform Supports

Project: Canning Town Station – Removal of Platform Supports

Client: Tube Lines Limited

Works Value: £10,500


There were 12 outriggers in total, 6 along each platform located some 14.5m apart.  Each was formed of a single spine beam with 10 side spur members and 22 tie bars.

Due to the arrangement of the outriggers, access to all elements required the erection of cantilevered mobile towers at both Jubilee line and DLR formation levels.  Whilst works were taking place overhead of the Jubilee line, a suitably sized exclusion zone was set up to ensure all operatives were clear of the area.

In a systematic manner all 264 tie bars were removed from the high level outriggers and transported to the agreed storage facility.

We were part of the continual liaison between APJNP (TL), DLR and the maintainer/ operator (Keolis Amey DLR) and attended regular access planning meetings between all parties to establish the collaborative work programme.

To access DLR, we were required to have a PICOW along with a DLR operative to put the LEP (Live Electrical Protection system) into place.





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