Charing Cross Station – Escalators 10,11&12

Project: Charing Cross Station – Escalators 10,11&12

Client: TfL

Works Value: £36,000

As part of the Lift and Escalator refurbishment works, DDR were required to clean and redecorate the UMC, Engineering Steps and LMC for escalators 10,11&12.  Works included cleaning out sump drains and gullies to ensure all blockages were cleared.  All signs were cleaned and flaky loose floor paint was removed.

We degreased and cleaned all plinths, steel columns, floors and walls within the UMC and LMC and proceeded to paint 2 coats to the floors in the UMC and LMC.  Once all the floor painting was complete we replaced the yellow banding that was painted previously.

The two central engineering steps were cleaned and a hazard marking band was applied to the nosings and risers.



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