Cockfosters Depot & Edgware Depot: – Security Works

Project: Cockfosters Depot & Edgware Depot – Security Works

Client: Tube Lines Limited

Works Value: £16,000

As part of our Minor and Intermediate framework we were tasked with carrying out a few minor tasks at Cockfosters & Edgware Depots as part of the Access Control Works:

Cockfosters Depot

The card readers either side of the Depot main gate are vulnerable to vehicular impact.  To reduce this risk we were tasked with fixing steel impact bollards either side of each reader.  These bollards were fixed to the kerb with the aid of steel studs and were chem-fixed into position.  The Security Team requested that the manual barrier was relocated nearer to the main Depot gate, so to facilitate this we excavated an area in the pavement at the new location and cast a concrete base. Once the based had cured sufficiently we unbolted the barrier and carried it to the new base.  We drilled and chem-fixed studs into the new base and bolted the barrier into its new location.  The receiver for the barrier was also relocated to the verge to accept the end of the barrier when lowered.

To improve access to the Security Gate House we installed metal steps with handrails which were chem-fixed to the pavement to prevent movement.  We also re-laid paving slabs or filled in voids with C40 concrete, around the feet of the new Depot main gate.

Finally we were tasked with removing 2 No notice boards in the security office, preparing and redecorating the wall and rehanging these boards.

Edgware Depot

In conjunction with the installation of a new Security Cabin and the new IP cabinet a trench was formed by others to allow the running of the cables. On completion of these works we were tasked with the installation of an inspection chamber and the infilling of the trench. The sides of the trench were tidied and the area for the inspection chamber was further broken out, the inspection chamber was then placed at the end of the trench on a bed of sharp sand and cement.

The ends of ducts and the inlets/ outlets were filled with Rockwool before the trench was filled with concrete.

We were also tasked with the formation of concrete steps to aid access into the security cabin, which were formed in-situ on the existing concrete hardstanding. The treads of these steps were covered with plywood to prevent damage during the concrete curing period, and we returned to site at a later date to remove the formwork and redundant metal posts left in the Depot by others.

Cockfosters Depot:

Edgware Depot:
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