Euston Station: – Airwave Dual Cab Sites Enabling (Civils)

Project: Euston Station – Airwave Dual Cab Sites Enabling (Civils)

Client: Tube Lines Limited

Works Value: £25,000

This work package was for the Civils Works as part of the Airwave Dual Cab Sites Enabling Project.  The works were to provide support for the relocation of existing power cabinets and installation of new power cabinets at Euston station.  Our scope was for the extension of an existing concrete base to accommodate the power cabinets.  Prior to the start of work we installed a temporary electrical supply from the adjacent switch room to provide sufficient power for our works.  We commenced these works by breaking out the existing asphalt surfacing and installing our formwork for the new concrete slab.  The rebar cages and mesh were then installed for both the concrete slab and the over lying cabinet plinth and checked for clearance.

The concrete slab was then constructed.  Due to the layout and slope of the area this slab was cast first with the rebar cage for the plinth set into the concrete.  After a suitable curing period we returned to site and installed the formwork for the concrete plinth on top of the new slab.  The concrete plinth, incorporating the pre-set rebar cage, was then poured using bagged C40 concrete and 110v mixers.  Concrete cubes were taken for compressive strength testing.

Following a suitable curing period we returned to site and struck the timber formwork.  We also painted the new slab with yellow paint to highlight the hazard, removed the temporary electrical supply and cleared site of all plant and materials.   The work site was then handed over to TLL to allow the re-position the existing and install the new power cabinets onto the slab and plinth by others.

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