Euston Station: – Parcel Deck Accommodation – Premises Package

Project: Euston Station – Parcel Deck Accommodation

Client: Tube Lines Limited

Works Value: £20,000

These works were associated with the refurbishment of a suite of staff accommodation including male toilets/ showers, lobby, mess room and the creation of a new drying room.

The following works were undertaken during this project:

Male Toilet/ Showers:

Works commenced with a deep clean of the existing shower trays and glass panels, toilet pans floors, sinks, ceilings and wall finishes.  We removed the existing perspex slash backs to sinks and replaced with new.  The existing toilet cubicles were small and in a poor state so these were replaced with new ones in the same arrangement.

We then prepared and redecorated all timber skirtings and the architrave around the showers and repaired/ replaced vinyl skirtings where they had become detached.  We also repaired a hole in the wall behind the urinal.  The urinal and associate pipework was given a deep clean, and we replaced a damaged cistern and repaired a leak to the waste pipe.

Finally we redecorated all doors and serviced the locksets in this area.

Locker Room & Lobby:

Works commenced with a deep clean of all walls, ceilings and floor finishes.  We then redecorated the doors and frames and serviced the locksets.

Mess Room:

All walls, ceilings and floor finishes were given a deep clean.  We then removed the existing worktops and kitchen units in the kitchenette and replaced with new.  As part of this work we revised the drainage and the connections to the hot water supply.  Finally we redecorated the doors and serviced the locksets in this room.






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