Green Park Station: – Reinstallation of VE Panels

Project: Green Park Station – Reinstallation of VE Panels

Client: Tube Lines Limited

Works Value: £65,000

D & D Rail Ltd where recently instructed to reinstall 344 No VE Panels at Green Park Station.  These VE Panels had been removed during station modernisation works carried out on the Victoria Line platforms and Lower Concourse by TLL. The reinstatement of the panels had to be carried out during a weekend closure of the Victoria Line. The first task was to carry out a deep clean of the VE Panels which had been stored in an area open to the elements, for many months. The panels were then carried down into the station to the Lower Concourse where they were identified and segregated into areas for refitting. Our teams then commenced the reinstallation of the panels in the Lower Concourse due to a delay in setting up the Possession.

Once the Possession was in place we commenced work on the Victoria Line platforms. Our teams continued with this work on 12 hour shifts until the end of the Possession. The refitting of this many panels over one weekend proved was a challenging task especially considering the amount of new signage and speakers which had been installed since the panels were removed.

During the course of the Weekend Possession we successfully reinstalled all of the required panels and carried out a deep clean of our work areas and a final clean to the reinstalled panels, to the satisfaction of our client TLL.


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