Greenford Station: – Phase I – Civil works in conjunction with installation of Escalator 1

Project: Greenford Station – Phase I – Civil Works in Conjunction with Installation of Escalator 1

Client: London Underground Limited – L&E Team

Works Value: £230,000

Our task was to carry out the civil works in conjunction with new install of Escalator 1 at Greenford Station.  These works involved the following:

  • Temporary cable protection was installed along the incline route of E1 to protect existing cables during construction works and the installation of the new escalator.
  • Ground penetrating radar scan and a survey to determine the location of existing services was undertaken prior to construction works commencing.
  • Removal of redundant passenger staircase from Platform level down to Ticket Hall level, including all support steel work and cladding.  The staircase was cut under Hot Works procedures to enable safe removal of component pieces.
  • Removal of redundant floor trays top and bottom of staircase.  The floor trays were cut under Hot Works procedures to enable safe removal of component pieces.
  • Removal of redundant supporting steel work and supporting beams to Platform level & Ticket Hall level floor areas. The steel work was cut under Hot Works procedures to enable safe removal of component pieces.
  • Removal of redundant concrete motor base and support columns concrete from the UMC, incline & LMC. A temporary dust screen was formed, segregating the entire worksite from Escalator No. 3 which was still in passenger service.  Noise enclosures were set up throughout the worksite to comply with Section 61 measures in force, and to protect passengers & staff from unnecessary noise levels.  A combination of track sawing, drilling & bursting and breaking was utilised to condense concrete into manageable sections for removal from the station.  Continual noise monitoring was undertaken during the removal process by electrically powered plant.
  • New supporting steel work, by means of columns and beams were installed ready to form new floor slabs at Platform and Ticket Hall levels.
  • New supporting steel work was installed on the incline ready to receive the new escalator truss.
  • New holorib and slab edge formers were fixed into position, and concrete poured ready to form new Ticket Hall floor slab at the base of E1.
  • New reinforced concrete supports were installed throughout the incline, followed by new cladding support steel work from the LMC through to UMC.
  • Pigeon mitigation works were carried out at high level, by means of closing in gaps around station roof support structure to aid in the prevention of vermin roosting above new escalator.
  • Installation and testing of temporary pulling points ready for installation of new escalator.
  • Installation of Kee Klamp barriers at Platform level of new escalator to divert passengers around existing Bostwick gate.
  • Fill high level redundant ventilation doors with block work.
  • Demolition of existing block built flame bin and replacement with new metal flame storage box.
  • Removal of asbestos located within redundant Westinghouse Signal Boxes. Disposal of asbestos as hazardous waste.  Cut boxes under Hot Works procedures to enable safe removal from site.
  • Form steps and new drainage gulley to incline where redundant concrete supports removed.
  • Temporary non-slip floor finishes, complete with movement joints, were laid at Platform and Ticket Hall levels to enable the new escalator to be returned to service

Please also see below a link to the time lapse photography video taken on behalf of LU for the 1st Phase of the construction:


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