Hammersmith Service Control Centre: – Premises Works

Project: Hammersmith Service Control Centre – Premises Works

Client: TfL Four Lines Modernisation

Works Value: £30,000

Our scope of works included the provision of premises works including floor finishes and penetrations to install new floor vents and service grommets.

Survey Of Existing Room Condition

Prior to commencing any works D&D Rail had to undertake a visual assessment of the identified rooms.  All raised access floor was examined to ensure that the existing floor was stable and without undue movement.  Drawings had to be marked up to determine the floor pans that required stabilising.

Deep Clean Identified Rooms

In each of the affected rooms all floor pans to the raised access floor were removed to access the concrete slab below.  Owing to sensitive equipment being installed under the floor slab all areas had to be deep cleaned using a robust industrial hoover whilst taking great care not to damage or alter any cable tray, trunking, fire stopping or other assets within the floor void.  Upon completion of cleaning the floor void all raised access floor pans were cleaned and returned to the floor grid.  Finally a builders clean/ sparkle clean was given to the whole room.

Lay Carpet Tiles

On competition for the survey and cleaning works D&D Rail laid carpet tiles to the identified rooms. The carpet tiles specified were 500mm x 500mm Interface Entropy II tiles fixed down on the surface of the floor pans using ‘Interface Adhesive Tactiles.  They were fixed down in such a way that the carpet tiles can be removed if required for access/ maintenance to services below the raised access floor.

Drilling Raised Access Floor Pans And Installation Of Koldlok Floor Grommets

At new desk locations the client required access to below the floor to install new electrics/ comms and data but did not want to compromise or remove the tiles to do this.  Therefore D&D Rail cut through a 150mm diameter hole at 50mm thick directly through the floor pan.  A Kolklok floor grommet was then install so the client had the access required to pass services through the floor to termination points.

Installation of Vented Raised Access Floor Pans

Within the Service Control Room there was approximately 250 floor pans in the raised access floor that needed to be changed.  The existing floor pans had to be changed over to vented floor pan tiles.  Once installed a drawing had to be produced to confirm the layout of all floor pans in case any tiles had to be changed or removed in the future.


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