Hammersmith Station: – Congestion Relief – New Station Entrance

Project: Hammersmith Station – Congestion Relief – New Station Entrance

Client: London Underground Limited – SWIP Team

Works Value: £220,000

As part of the Congestion Relief Programme we carried out the Premises work for the new station entrance at Hammersmith (H & C Line) Station.

Our works commenced with the removal and disposal of the site timber hoarding and the erection of heras fence panels.  This activity allowed us to carry out our Premises works whilst still providing site security and preventing access from unauthorised personnel.

The east & west walls of the new entrance were prepared and rendered prior to the fixing of new wall tiles.  We then tiled the east and west walls with free issue tiles in line with the layout of the tiles within the station.  The existing plaster/ lathe soffit in the entrance area was then removed to expose the roof beams.  These beams were found to be in poor condition so we carried out remedial works to as they were to support the lighting and new suspended ceiling.  On completion of this work we installed the unistrut support framework for the lighting and ceiling.

Aco drainage channels were installed across the new station entrance.  These channels were joined to previously installed drainage system via a sump channel and out let pipe.  The floor area of the new entrance was then screeded with slopes running down to the outlet pipe.  Once the screed had been painted we installed a new bi-directional matwell covering the whole of the new entrance.

To aid access, new paving and drop kerbs were installed at the new station entrance.  We removed the existing pavement surface and the granite kerbs across the full width of the station to entrance to allow us to achieve the new profiles required.  We then installed the new kerb line at the revised height and profile.  The existing drainage gullies were also removed/ brought forward to the new kerb line and Aco drainage channels were installed in front of the kerb line to link the gullies together.

We then laid new natural paving to the required levels to match in with the existing paving outside the LUL boundary across the width of the station.  In addition to this the cobbles in front of the kerb line were removed along with the existing No Parking sign and metal studs.  We then reinstalled the cobbles to provide the required fall to the new kerb line/ Aco drainage ensuring that any missing cobbles were replaced.

Our electricians installed a new distribution board in the adjacent Switch Room to provide power for the new entrance.  They also ran cables to provide power for the new gate line and signage.

The grid and perimeter for the new suspended ceiling was then installed.  Our electricians then installed the light fittings to the unistrut supports fixed to the exposed roof beams.  The ceiling tiles were then installed to complete the installation.

Our electricians carried out a safe isolation to connect the new supply into the new distribution board in conjunction with LUL and the relevant agencies.

Finally we carried out redecoration works and making good to window frames, doors, sign boards and shop frontages affected by the formation of the new entrance.


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