Heathrow T123 Station: – SMEP Firestopping

Project: Heathrow T123 Station – SMEP Firestopping

Client: Tube Lines Limited

Works Value: £55,000

As a FIRAS approved contractor, we were instructed to carry out the permanent fire stopping and fire compartmentation for the Heathrow T123 SMEP Project.  During the course of the SMEP project at this station several contractors were tasked with making modifications to the station infrastructure.  This included various penetrations for services, openings through walls and soffits and equipment installations.  In the majority of cases, temporary or non-compliant fire stopping was carried out.  At the end of the project the TLL fire team carried out a full survey of all areas where work was carried out and produced a fire stopping/ compartmentation schedule to ensure full compliance.

A FIRAS Register was produced to allow our FIRAS Supervisor to record all fire stopping works to this project and show the status of each entry.  The register showed the full details of the fire stopping at each location.

Works included removing redundant pipe work, removing and replacing non-compliant fire stopping materials, fire stopping around conduits, cables, cable trays, trunking, sprinkler pipes etc.  In other cases openings were bricked up or covered with supalux or fire rated board.

At the end of the works all areas were signed off by the TLL Fire Engineer and the completed FIRAS register and photographs were issued to TLL.



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