Highgate Depot Sidings: – Fencing Works

Project: Highgate Depot Sidings – Fencing Works

Client: Tube Lines Limited

Works Value: £40,000

At Highgate Depot Sidings we are on behalf of TLL installing approximately 130m of new 2.40m high chain link demarcation fence between Depot roads 8 & 9.  Work is being carried out at weekends during 8 – 10 hour Possessions. The works consist of 2.40m high x 80 x 80 RHS posts are being installed in 450 x 450 square post holes and concreted in position using bagged ready mixed concrete to Sulphate Resisting grade DC4.

 The dig is producing contaminated spoil, this is being bagged and transported to skips in the Depot compound for safe disposal by Tube Lines. All plant and materials are being brought in and removed at the start and end of each shift to leave the Depot fully functional between Possessions.

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