Holborn Station: – Machine Chambers 1 to 3 – Cleaning & Decorating Works

Project: Holborn Station – Machine Chambers 1 to 3 – Cleaning & Decorating Works

Client: LUL – L&E Team

Works Value: £66,000


Following the refurbishment of the escalators by LUL we were given an order for comprehensive cleaning and repainting of the Machine Chambers.

During the cleaning and painting works we protected LUL assets at all times.  Where required we taped fire proof sheeting around assets to give further protection.

All loose paint and dirt/ grease was to be removed from the walls and columns up to a height of 1.8m.  We scraped these areas and they were then carefully cleaned using an approved degreaser.  The walls and columns were then washed clean of all residue.

The floors of the Upper and Lower Machine Chambers were initially scraped and brushed to remove the heavy residue.  We then thoroughly washed them down with the aid of an approved degreaser which was then washed off with clean water.  Where heavier grease/ dirt was present we utilised an 110v pressure washer to assist with the cleaning.  We also carried out patch repairs to areas of screed which were badly damaged with an approved repair concrete prior to the application of the new paint system.

The floors were painted with 2No. coats of Scotchkote XF895 red paint as per the manufacturers’ guidelines.  A layer of non-slip grit was laid over the floor prior to the application of the top coat to provide slip resistance.

The machine plinths were also comprehensively cleaned and patch repaired where required.  A single band of Scotchkote LXF897 was applied around the edges of these plinths for demarcation purposes.

The central engineering stairs and the tunnel side wall stairs were also cleaned with the aid of degreaser and a pressure washer.  We applied 55mm bands of Scotchkote LXF897 to the stair nosings using 2No. coats incorporating non slip grit to complete the works in these machine chambers.
















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