Kings Cross Station: – Escalators 1, 2, 3 Civil & Premises Works

Project: Kings Cross Station – Escalators 1, 2, 3 Civil & Premises Works

Client: London Underground Limited – L&E Team

Works Value: £428,000

As part of the of Escalators 1-3 replacement works at King’s Cross Station our task was to carry out the Civil & Premises works in conjunction with new install.  Works included the following:

  • Close off the escalator shaft with crowd loaded hoardings to 6No. entrance / exit points, creating a 24/7 working opportunity/ environment.
  • Temporary wall and floor ply laid to protect existing finishes throughout Victoria Line Entrance Staircase, Upper Concourse & Lower Concourse areas.
  • Decoration of existing station rooms to create office and welfare areas for LUL and Contractors.
  • Provision of furniture and appliances within the office and welfare areas for LUL and Contractors.
  • Removal of redundant concrete motor bases and concrete support columns from the UMC, Incline & LMC. A combination of track sawing, drilling & bursting and breaking was utilised to condense approximately 80 tonne of concrete into manageable sections for removal from the worksite to Engineering Trains during Engineering Hours.
  • Removal of redundant steel work support beams to Upper & Lower Concourse floor areas including redundant motor bases. The steel work was cut under Hot Works procedures during Engineering Hours to enable safe removal of component pieces.
  • New supporting steelwork by means of columns and beams were installed ready to form new floor slabs at Upper & Lower Concourse floor levels.
  • New supporting steelwork by means of ‘Goal posts’ were installed ready to receive new escalator machinery.
  • New holorib and slab edge formers were fixed into position, reinforcement laid and pre-bagged concrete poured ready to form new Upper & Lower Concourse floor slabs.
  • Removal of VE panelling, door & frame and blockwork to existing UMC entrance area, and reinstate with remodelled UMC entrance.
  • Existing UMC staircase replaced with new ships access ladder, complete with safety gate and barriers.
  • New tiled finish laid to Upper Concourse & Lower Concourse floor areas including movement joints.
  • New tiled finished fixed to re-modelled UMC entrance wall.
  • Removal and disposal of lead paint to existing structural support steelwork.
  • Premises painting to UMC, Incline & LMC areas (Walls, floors, soffits and steelwork).
  • Installation of new Kee Klamp edge protection system to Upper Machine Chamber.
  • Fix new signage to Upper & Lower Machine Chamber areas.
  • Provision of new flam bin for new escalator maintenance purposes.

Removal of temporary wall and floor ply protection, including public interface hoardings to enable Escalators 1-3 to ‘Return to service’.


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