Leigh Heath Court: – FIRAS Works

Project: Leigh Heath Court – FIRAS Works

Client: Rylands Associates

Works Value: £45,000

The scope of the works was to carry out internal decoration, overhaul and refurbishment of the communal areas of the building.

This work included the removal and reconfiguration of the service riser cupboards and redundant lift shafts to avoid unauthorised access, improve visual appearance and reduce the rate at which a fire would spread through the building through the riser shafts and lift shafts.

Leigh Heath Court Building is a unique building built in the 1930s.  The building is divided into four sections with the outer sections having four floors and the two inner section with three floors.  Each section of the building also has a basement where the Riser Cupboards and the Lift shafts begin their journey.

The specification for the riser cupboards required the finished product to be 30 minute fire rated compartmentation.  For this we used FD30 doors with Fire liners and Studwork with Gyproc Fireline board inside and out.  The doors were fitted with fire rated locks and hinges and door seals were fire and smoke seal and stainless steel threshold plates were installed with an intumescent backing.

The specification for the lift shafts is the same for the riser cupboards but in addition appropriate railings had to be installed across the opening of the shaft to prevent anyone falling into the shaft in case the doors was left unlocked and or open.

Prior to any work being carried out there was an array of wiring, switches and meters that required temporary repositioning to enable the strip out and installation.

The basement Lift Shafts in the two inner areas, the doors were removed and the openings blocked up ready for render application.

On completion of the works all areas were inspected and a FIRAS Certificate was issued for the Riser Cupboard and Lift Shaft works.

Typical Riser Cupboard Prior to Refurbishment:

Typical Lift Shaft Prior to Refurbishment:

Typical Existing Riser Cupboard and Lift Shaft in the Basement Areas:

Typical Lift Shaft Completion Photo:

Railings installed across every Lift Shaft opening:

Typical Riser Cupboard stripped down ready for Refurbishment

Typical Riser Cupboard Completion Photo:

Basement Lift shafts two Doors blocked up



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