Mill Hill East Station: – Platform Replacement

Project: Mill Hill East Station – Platform Replacement

Client: Tube Lines Limited

Works Value: £150,000


Works at this station comprised of the replacement of the existing platform decking/ surfacing and defective structural timber members beneath the platform.  In addition to this we are to remove the lead based paint from the lighting standard support steelwork.  Finally, the lighting standard support steelwork and the handrail support posts beneath the platform are to be prepared and redecorated.

The existing platform surface was found to be uneven and in a dilapidated state.  Working during engineering hours, we removed sections of the existing platform surface and boards and replaced them with new Magma Boards.  The Magma boards incorporated a tactile and all platform markings (excluding the ‘Mind The Gap’ lettering) were pre-painted onto the boards.  Where required during this process we lifted and replaced platform furniture and signage on a nightly basis to allow the replacement of the boards.

The track clearances were checked on a nightly basis by a T002 prior to the recommencement of traffic.

During the lifting of the old the boards we cut out and replaced identified defective platform timbers with pre-treated new.  The ends of all platform timbers were coated with an anti-fungal paint to assist with the prevention of further rot.  To assist with platform run off the kick boards at the rear of the platform were lifted by 15mm.  A layer of lead was also placed beneath the new Magma boards at the rear of the platform.  This lead was dressed over the exposed timbers at the rear of the platform and a mastic joint was created between the lead and the boards to prevent water ingress below the new boards.

Mind the Gap letters were burned onto the platform surface where the train doors would be exceeding the specified gap.

A new platform end ramp was installed at the North End of the platform.  We removed the existing timber ramp and cast new concrete footings for the new ramp.  The new ramp was made up of a Magma Board finished in yellow anti-slip.  A Key-Klamp handrail was then bolted to the existing fence post and to the new concrete footings with Hilti HY200A and anchors bolts.  Pull out tests were carried out on the new anchors to complete this element of work.

The lighting standard support steelwork and handrail post supports beneath the platform were subject to corrosion and a breakdown of the existing paint systems.  The paint on the lighting standard supports was found to contain lead.  A Method Statement Addendum was submitted and some of our operatives were sent for blood tests prior to the removal of the lead based paint.  We returned to site to remove the lead based and other paint and prepare and paint these steel elements during traffic hours.  The lead based paint was removed with the aid of Tavec 203 which was painted on to the steelwork and left for a minimum of 30 minutes up to 24 hours.  The steel was then scraped and further layers of Tavec were applied as required.  All lead based paint and Tavec removed was collected and bagged up by our operatives as hazardous waste for disposal by our specialist waste contractor.  Steelwork was prepared to St3 standard prior to the application of the new specified paint system which was applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.


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