Moorgate Station: – Fire Stopping Works

Project: Moorgate – Fire Stopping Works

Client: London Underground Limited – SWIP

Works Value: £9,400

As an approved FIRAS accredited contractor, we were tasked with upgrading the fire stopping in the PPR Lift Area to provide 1 hour fire compartmentation.

Existing damaged Supalux boards were removed and the voids behind were filled with Rockwool slabs.  Where required, cable tray and/ or pipework was cut back or boarded over.  The replacement Supalux was then fixed to the wall or soffit with plugs and screws and the perimeter sealed with Promat Promaseal Intumescent mastic.

Voids within the walls and soffit of the lift area were identified and filled with Rockwool slabs.  These voids were also covered with Supalux sheets cut to size and fixed to the wall or soffit with plugs and screws and the perimeter sealed with Promat Promaseal Intumescent mastic.

Voids in the floor were also identified.  All floor coverings/ panels were removed and the voids filled with Rockwool.  Sheets of Kemwell Impact board (bedded on a bead of Promat Promaseal Intumescent mastic) were then fixed to the floor over the voids.

Large gaps at the bottom of the beams at soffit level were also filled with Supalux.  We tek screwed cut lengths of Supalux at an angle, from the steel angle on the wall to the centre of the beam along its full length.  At the top of this beam there was a gap currently filled with timber.  We cut lengths of Supalux and screwed them to the timber at the top (soffit) and then applied mastic all around to provide a fire seal.

We also infilled the void at the end of a beam/ cut out. This void was filled with QF4 blocks and before we trowelled in QF 4 compound to provide a smooth finish.

Sections of rebar protruding from one of the walls was cut back as tight to the wall as possible.

A Gypframe partition was formed from the door out to the station platform over to the adjacent blockwork wall.  This sealed off 2 no. doors which were placed out of use during the construction phase.  The Gyproc frame was screwed to the walls and floor and boarded with Glasroc F Multi-board and the joints filled with filler and covered with Gyproc Joint tape.  The top of the partition was then covered with a sheet of Multi-board to form an enclosure.

Finally core holes through the floor were filled with Rockwool and infilled with QF 4 compound.

On completion of the works a FIRAS Register, Penetration Register and a FIRAS Completion Certificate was issued to SWIP.  Fire stop labels were placed on the wall adjacent to areas fire stopped, with each label identifying our company name, the installer, date and a unique reference number.


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