Mornington Crescent Station: – Platforms 1&2 Hoarding Installation

Project: Mornington Crescent – Platforms 1 & 2 Hoarding Installation

Client: Tube Lines Limited

Works Value: £22,000

To support the re-rail and sleeper rehabilitation programme, our task was to install storage hoardings for the project.  These were located at the tail wall end of Platform 1 (Northbound) and at the head wall end of Platform 2 (Southbound).

The initial concept for an LUL compliant hoarding was produced by our internal Production Team.  This was presented to our external designers whom in turn developed the notion into a fully working design, taking into account both passenger and wind loadings.

These particular storage hoardings consisted of metal panels fully braced and fixed into position, and contain both singular & double door sets.  Angled mesh roofs were provided to ensure these were secure from litter and unwanted items entering the hoardings.

Despite the invert cover on Platform 1 being partially covered, the hoarding was erected in a manner to still allow access/ egress without any undesirable modifications.

External panel faces were painted LUL Corporate Blue.

Internal wall and floor surfaces contained within both hoardings were covered with approved fire rated ply protection.

PHP (Public Help Point) and the associated PHP Camera located on Platform 1 were protected for the period that the assets were out of service.

Vinyl roundel signage was affixed to mirror the existing roundel signage where required.

A separate lobby was created within the hoarding on Platform 1 to enable continual access & egress to the adjacent Relay Room so that this wasn’t unduly hindered by the temporary storage area.


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