Paddington Station: – Staircase Works

Project: Paddington Station – Staircase Works

Client: Tube Lines Limited – BCV Minor Works

Works Value: £45,200

Our task was to lay new ceramic corduroy tactiles at the top & bottom of 6No Staircases (1/604, 2/602, 2/603, 2/604, 2/605, 2/606 & 2/608), and bottom only of 1No Staircase (1/602) to bring these up to standard of DDA Compliance.  These works involved saw cutting existing finishes, breaking out existing finishes, preparing surface beds, and laying new tactiles to a finish.

We were also tasked to:

  • Lay new ‘Stick on’ tactiles at the top of 2No Staircases (1/601 & 1/602) on Street Level and National Rail interfaces, and bottom of 1No Staircase (2/607) as an Certificated Installer for Visul Systems Limited products.
  • Renew 2No existing damaged terrazzo floor panels within Passage 2/201.  These works involved breaking out existing floor panels, laying new screed bed with Ardex products, and laying new compliant non-slip terrazzo tiles (397x397x15 Col 02 Granazzocem Tiles) with Ardex products to a finish.
  • Replace 20No non-compliant treads to Staircase 1/604, with new compliant non-slip AATi pieces. These works involved removal of existing nosings, repairs to existing substrate with Ardex products, drill into existing substrate for new fixing positions, and install new nosing tread plates to a finish.
  • Replace existing tiled tread and riser finishes to double width Staircase 1/604 with new non-slip terrazzo tiles (397x397x15 Col 02 Granazzocem Tiles) to a finish.  These works involved breaking out of existing finishes, preparing beds of existing substrate and riser substrate with Ardex products, and laying/fixing tiles with Ardex products to a finish.

Works to the above areas were undertaken during Engineering Hours.  Due to noise sensitivity at this Station, sound quilts were hung to close off exposed openings to nearby tenancies to mitigate noise where practically possible.

LUL approved materials were utilised throughout these works.


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