Shard Place: – Vent Shaft Works

Project: Shard Place – Vent Shaft Works

Client: Mace Group Limited

Works Value: £550,000

D&D Rail Ltd were appointed to be the specialist London Underground Contractor to undertake remodelling of the existing East Ventilation Shaft – Head House; aka Fielden House at London Bridge Station, in conjunction with London’s new building project Shard Place.

The TfL asset is located within the grounds of the new build which is being constructed surrounding the Ventilation Shaft.  To enable the second floor to be completed the 12m tall TfL asset had to be deconstructed and then reconstructed to 5.5m tall, this then enabled the completion of the second floor concrete slab to pass within 50mm directly above the remodelled Ventilation Shaft.

One condition throughout the works was that the Ventilation Shaft had to remain in operational use. This is itself presented a challenge as the East Ventilation Shaft serviced the Eastbound & Westbound on the Northern Line; yet this was overcome by programming works and isolating / bringing back into use each shaft sequentially, whilst adapting the working access scaffold to enable safe protection of the work force against the conditions of a live Ventilation Shaft.

Works comprised of the following:

  • Generating a fully compliant Detailed Design Statement to TfL Standards, including a 3D model to incorporate into the developers works.
  • Design and erection of an access scaffold, fully enclosed with fire rated Monoflex sheeting, including a corrugated metal roof to protect the Ventilation Shaft from being exposed to the elements whilst remaining in operational use.
  • Design and erection of running beam system to safely lift and manoeuvre new structural steel members into position.
  • Deconstruction and removal of existing roof, glass cladding, louvre façade, blockwork panels, and structural steel supports down to required level.
  • Design and fabrication of new structural steel members to strengthen the existing framed structure, and support new louvre façade.
  • Design and remodelling of the Ventilation Shaft finishes which includes a new louvre system to the façade, paint finishes to external block work and structural steel work.
  • Design and installation of a roof structure encompassing maintenance area above the Westbound half of the Ventilation Shaft.
  • Fabrication and installation of Mk2 Louvre system above the roof area of the Westbound half to the Ventilation Shaft.
  • Repointing existing blockwork panels.
  • Fabrication and installation of Level 3 Security Door Set.
  • Smoke seal installation to separate the Ventilation Shaft from the main building.
  • Fabrication and installation of horizontal and vertical flashings to match the louvre façade.
  • Acting as a direct link between the developer and Transport for London to ensure a smooth transitional delivery of a fully operational remodelled asset.



Progression – Access Scaffold:

Progression – Demolition:

Installation – Structural Steel Work:

Installation – Facade:

Installation – Mk2 Louvre:

Installation – Blockwork Repairs & Repointing:


Installation – Level 3 Security Door:

Installation – Painting Block Work & Steel Work:

Installation – Smoke Seal Installation:


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