Stratford Market Depot: – Premises Works

Project: Stratford Market Depot – Premises Works

Client: Tube Lines Limited

Works Value: £90,000

D&D Rail Ltd have carried out several projects at Stratford Market Depot for TLL under the Minor Works Contract.  These projects were carried out on behalf of the security team to improve Access Control.

The following tasks were undertaken as part of this project:

  • Removal of existing road signage and replacement with new. This work included the provision of new posts and frames for the mounting of the signage.
  • Removal of the road hump at the entrance to the Depot. Laying of replacement asphalt surfacing and fitting of sleeping policemen.
  • Installation of Armco barriers to protect card readers and other assets.
  • Change of use of security hut to an office. This work included:

1.   Replacement of the raised flooring with new

2.   Removal of existing desk/ work station.

3.   Fitting of new notice boards.

4.   Removal of water cooler and supply.

5.   Extension of conduit and new electrical socket.

6.   Fitting of new kitchen sink, drainer and associated plumbing.

7.   Relocation of distribution board.

  • Replacement of 2 No rubber track crossings in the Depot.
  • Raising of roadway and manholes beneath the rear gate to prevent access to the Depot by un-authorised personnel. Installation of new sleeping policeman beneath the rear gate.
  • Fitting of steelwork/ tubing above pedestrian gate to prevent access to the Depot by un-authorised personnel.
  • Breaking out and reinstatement of concrete and asphalt roads & pavements to install ducting for electrical supply cables.
  • Concrete bases with ducting incorporated for the electrical supply cables and to provide support for card readers.
  • Removal of existing steel fire door and fitting of a replacement door with vision panel.

Installation of steel bollards to protect assets.

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