Temple Station: – Ambience Works

Project: Temple Station – Ambience Works

Client: Tube Lines Limited – BCV/SSL Minor Works

Works Value: £17,000


As part of the combined ambience works project, D&D Rail Limited were required to clean, repair and prepare the ceiling and wall surfaces within the booking hall as its’ current state was tainted from the track dust being blown through station through the years.  D&D Rail Limited were then instructed to paint 2No. coats to all walls and ceiling surfaces a magnolia colour to improve the booking halls’ overall aesthetics.  The results were judged as outstanding and we were praised for our workmanship as the nature/ assets on the ceiling and walls made it more difficult to paint.

D&D Rail Limited were also asked to clean the stations limestone external fascia, which had years of weathering, dirt, grime and moss we had to tackle.  Due to the nature of the stone we had to find and use a neutral PH stone cleaner as if it was any stronger the acidity of the cleaner would degrade and damage the lime stone.  We used the neutral stone cleaner combined with a jet washer to clean the stone fascia to the best of our ability.  The results was satisfactory as the stone cleaner alone was not enough to remove all dirt and grime build up.


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