Upminster Depot: – FIRAS Works

Project: Upminster Depot FIRAS Works

Client: LUL SWIP

Works Value: £110,000


There is a new building at Upminster Depot ‘Ancillary Building’ that was built by others.  The services of DDR were employed to install 5No new double glazed window units, strengthen existing apertures and install 9No new steel door sets (2No of these installed under our FIRAS Accreditation) and install 4No new timber door sets under our FIRAS Accreditation.  We were also instructed under additional works to clad internal door reveals, clad internal window reveals, friction fix acoustic cladding, clad ply roof, and install a fifth timber door set, all of which again came under our FIRAS Accreditation.

Handover documentation in the form of ITP Checklists, FIRAS Register logging the works and a Completion Certificate were generated and then issued to our client upon completion.


External Steel Door Set Installation:


External Window Installation Works in Progress:



External Window Installation Works:



Internal Acoustic Cladding:



Internal Ply Roof Cladding:



Internal Window Reveal Cladding:



Internal Door Reveal Cladding:



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