Watford Station: – FIRAS Works

Project: Watford FIRAS Works

Client: Orion Engineering for LU Fire Team

Works Value: £13,600


There are two new rooms located at Watford Station (SER & ESR) that were built by others.  The LUL Fire Team employed the services of DDR to maintain a one hour fire compartment with passive fire protection works under our FIRAS Accreditation, where penetrative works to the building fabric had been carried out by others.

Our works included sealing various penetrations from internal to external of building, cladding internal face of high level steel ring beam and cladding internal face of wind posts all with LUL approved materials.

Handover documentation in the form of ITP Checklists, a FIRAS Register logging the works and a Completion Certificate were generated and issued to our client upon completion.


Cladding High Level Ring Beam & Vertical Wind Posts with Glasroc ‘F’ Multiboard:


Cladding High Level Ring Beam with Glasroc ‘F’ Multiboard:


Quelfire 1 Before:


Quelfire 1 After:


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