Ruislip Depot: – Vehicle Load Gauges

Project: Ruislip Depot – Vehicle Load Gauges Client: Tube Lines Limited Works Value: £22,000   As part of our framework for Minor & intermediate Works we were asked to supply and install 2 No Vehicle Load Gauges over roads at Ruislip Depot.  The gauges were to be installed on non-electrified track in areas of the depot […]

Ruislip Depot: – Pit Road Drainage

Project: Ruislip Depot – Pit Road Drainage Client: Tube Lines Limited Works Value: £5,000   We were requested to attend a site meeting at Ruislip Depot to help solve a problem with the drainage of 2 No. Pit Roads.  The Depot ends of the Pit Roads had been bunded to retain contaminated water produced during […]

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